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BBC world service. This is *** with news hour.

More than a hundred killed in mysterious plane crash in Greece. Those pilots unconscious now function or crime. Exceeders from Gaza have mixed motions of Israeli soldiers making sure the settlers leave. I think its just defending democracy, which is real on the lying. If the democracy is winning be defend the Israeli, it's going to start, going out a hand and I have to a baby sword no matter what, even if I don't think or I do think that's its right.
And we will be enjoying by leading Israeli politician for much of the program to answer the concerns of both sides and you can put your views to him. Use our bbc.co.uk.
First today we have a full potion of the world news.

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BBC news with *.
A Cypriot aeroplane carrying at least 121 people has crashed north of the Greek capital Athens. The plane lost all contact with their traffic control as it approached the city and Greek air force scrambled two fight jets to accompany it. * reports.
The crew of the two military jets flew close to Boeing 737 and were able to looking to the plane's cockpit. They reported that the co-pilot was slumped over his controls and there was no sign of the captain. Shortly after that the airliner crashed into hillside on a peninsular northeast of Athens. Emergency services were quickly on the scene but the airliner had broken up on an impact and there appears a little hope that any on board could have survived. A spokesman for the Greek military has refused to rule out the possibility of highjacking but another suggestion is that the plane's oxygen system could have failed.

The time of Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip is fast drawing to a close. For midnight local time they'll be considered illegal and on Monday Israel begin to its formal withdraw from the territory. Some settlers have decided to leave in advance but many others are planning to stay until Israeli police and army come to remove them, which the government says it will start on Wednesday. Both Israeli and Palestinian security forces are meanwhile on their highest alert to stop Palestinian militant to attacks during the pullout. * reports from Gaza city.
Over seven thousand Palestinian security forces have been deployed around the roads and settlements in Gaza. Their main job is to prevent Palestinian militants from launching attacks during the withdraw of Jewish settlers. The security forces have spent weeks training for the task but the Palestinian authorities complain ever severe shortage of weapons among the forces and accuse Israeli preventing arms from reaching them. As the Palestinian forces deployed around the Gaza strip at night the Israeli army say a Palestinian gunman shot the settlements of *. The army says one of its tanks shot back hitting the gunman but also wounding five Israeli soldiers.
You are listening to the news from the BBC.

Political leaders in Iraq have been locked in talks aimed at resolving differences over a draft constitution for the country. They are trying to meet a deadline at the end of Monday for parliament to approve the document. * reports from Baghdad.
Time is running out if the deadline is to be met and it has brought individual political blocks closer to agreement among themselves on a number of the outstanding issues but sources close to the discussion say the question of the actual distribution of resources particularly the lucrative revenue from oil between the country's regions remains contentious of this point. And debates on the whole issue federalism, which has been the biggest sticking point throughout these past week negotiations. So, not only does it treat in continue between the parties in the present government but abroad consensus on the constitution has yet to be achieved before the document is put to parliament. The alternative is a partial deal that some says would be realistic, others futile.

Security forces in Iraq say they had discovered a mass grave at * outside the capital Baghdad containing the decomposed bodies of 30 people including two women. One report quoted police as saying that the grave was about six month-old. Iraqi officials said that it had been discovered during an operation against insurgents.

Officials from North Korea have, for the first time visited a politically sensitive war cemetery in South Korea, which holds more than 50,000 graves mostly from the Korean War. A dozen north officials bowed their heads before the shrine at memorial monument in the cemetery, which is in the south capital Soul. The officials among around 200 people from north Korea making the southern visit to mark the 60th anniversary on the Korean peninsula's independence from the Japanese rule. North and South Korea are still technically at war.

The former polish president and leader of the solidarity movement * has said he would support a popular revolution in neighboring Belarus, a country European organizations often criticized it freeze harsh treatment of the opposition. Mr. * says the events in Ukraina and *** should be an example for the people of Belarus but he warned that they should expect no help from the west. The comments come at a time that marked deterioration in relations between Poland and Belarus.

The new president of Kirgistan,*** has taken office with a pledge to eradicate corruption and promising to promote democracy and economic reform. Mr.* was elected last month with most 90% of the vote, replacing * who was driven from power in a popular uprising. Speaking up to he was sworn in a ceremony in the capital *** the new president said that he would act in the interests of his country and not allow outside powers to conduct their geopolitics in Kirgistan. And that's the latest BBC news.

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