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VOA: Study of a Charter School Project Finds Big Gains on Tests

I’m Barbara Klein with the VOA Special English Education Report.

Charter schools are independent public schools. They are publicly financed but privately operated. Education reform efforts led to charter schools in the United States in the early nineteen nineties.

Now there are more than three thousand five hundred such schools and more than one million students. These numbers are small, however, compared to traditional schools.


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Compost: an Organic Way to Better Soil and Crops

I'm Gwen Outen with the VOA Special English Agriculture Report.

Many farmers improve their soil, and their crops, with compost. Composting is the mixing of plant or animal wastes so they break down and produce simpler substances that make the soil rich.

Compost is an example of a natural fertilizer. Farmers add compost to their soil instead of burning the plant and animal wastes or throwing them away.

During the growing season, plants take gases from the air such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They combine these gases with minerals from the soil.



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Tale for a frosty morning

Ben was awoken by a gunshot. The sharp noise came through the fix stonewalls of the house. It was cold in the bedroom .Ben*** was shaking as he got out of bed. He put on his eyeglasses, and went over to the window. The field was covered with white forest. Nothing moved out there in the deep quiet just before sunrise. Ben looked past the field to the sick woods. Two weeks ago, he saw a deer among the trees. He held his breath with excitement, then the deer walked off.



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2005年8月7日放送 voase news 後半

Russian official say seven sailors rescued after 3days in a submarine are in satisfactory condition. The Russian were proposal to safety on Saturday just hours before their oxygen supply was expected to end. A British undersea device cut the submarine loose from a fishing net off Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov thanks the British rescue team and others who helped. Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered an investigation.
Britain has charged 2 more suspects with the failed bombing July 21st. on London underground trains and a bus. Police charged ***and ***with attempted murder and possession of explosives. On Saturday, police made the same charges against a third suspect Yassin Hessian Omar. A fourth suspect is being held in Italy. The British government has asked that Osman Hussein be sent to Britain.

祝ディスカバリーの無事帰還 人気英語blogランキング


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2005年8月7日 23:30 放送 VOASE NEWS 音声付

It is 23 hour 30 universal time, I’m Jim Teder in Washington.
Political leaders from across Iraq continue to meet in Baghdad. They are trying to end the *** blocking the final proposal for a constitution. President Jalal Talibani has met with Kurdish, Shi'ite and Sunni delegates to discuss questions such as the influents of Islam. Delegates disagree about this and other issues. He said an agreement could be reached in time for parliament to approve a document by the August 15th time limit. Earlier, in Tikrit a bomber killed himself and at least 5 other people near a police station. In Baghdad, gunman killed 2 Oil Ministry officials and 3 Iraqi soldiers. And in the southern town of Samawah, one person was killed when protesters crashed with police.

野口さんの無事帰還を祈る 人気英語blogランキング


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VOASE NEWS 2005年8月3日 1:30 後半 音声付

In Mexico, a presidential official has said security in the border town of Nuevo Laredo will be increased. A spokesman for president Vicente Fopx says he ordered officials to strengthen a federal operation there because it increases in illegal drug activity. The United States has closed its offices in the town because of fears of more violence. A United States official has said the American officers there will remain closed for a week, after a recent gunfight in the city streets. More than a hundred of have been killed in Nuevo Laredo this year, including a number of police officers.
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VOASE NEWS 2005年8月3日 1:30 音声付


It is 1:30 universal time. I’m Steve Ember in Washington.
Canadian officials say no one was killed when an Air-France passenger plane caught fire after sliding off a runway while landing in Toronto. Airport officials told reporters Tuesday that all of the 309 passengers and crew were taking off the plane before it caught fire, 14 people had minor injuries. It is not known what coursed the airbus A-340 to miss the end of the runway. But observer told Canadian television that the plane may have been hit by lightning.

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2005年7月30日1:30 Universal Time VOA NEWS IN SPECIAL ENGLISH



And we come now to one hour 30 universal time.
In the news at this hour, Iraqi official say a bomber has killed at least 25 people near an Iraqi army center. Police say many others were wounded. The attack happened in Rabiah, about 10 kilometers east of the Syrian border. The group Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed to that one of its members carried out this attack. The claim has not been confirmed. In other developments, officials said gunman killed a Shiah Muslim tribe leader in southern Baghdad. Earlier, hadrons of Shiah Muslim matched in Baghdad to protect reported torture and killings by Iraqi security forces.
The United States has brought criminal charges against in Iraqi born Dutch citizen accused of planning attacks on Americans in Iraq. The Department of Justice says it is seeking to bring Wasem al Delaema from the Netherlands where he was arrested in May. The charges against Mr. Delaema included planning to kill Americans in a foreign country, and planning to use weapons of great destruction. Official say the suspect traveled to Iraq two year ago with a group called the Fighters of Fulljah. They say this is the first United States criminal case link to terrorist’s activity in Iraq.
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7月25日1:30 VOA ニュース


It is one hour thirty universal time I’m John Darden in Washington.
A bomber has attacked a police station in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. At least 22 people were killed in the explosion including the bomber. About 25 others were wounded. Official say the bomber exploded a truck using 220 kilograms of explosives. The explosion destroyed at least 20 nearby vehicles and damaged stores in the area. In another part of Baghdad 3 people were killed by a shell that fell near the interior ministry building. South of Baghdad a bomb on road killed a young girl.
British police say they believe the four suspects accused of the failed bombings in London last week are still inner the country. London police chief Ian Blair called on the public and Muslim in Britain for any information about the suspects. Police have released security cameras pictures of the four men. They already have arrested three people in connection with the attacks. They have not released any details. Police are also investigating news reports that some of the suspects from the failed bombings went on a trip to Wealth with 2 of the bombers from the July 7th attacks. Those bombings in London killed 56 people.
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It is one hour thirty universal time, I am Ginny Cheater in Washington.
London police say they have important evidence that will help them search for those responsible for the latest attacks in the London transes system. Police have at least one container used in the attack. There are also several people who saw a man ran from a train station after a bomb partially exploded, officials say they are also studying video recordings of securities cameras. Police Commissioner Ian Blair said it is to early to know if Thursdays’続きを読む
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7/18 2330 voa special English news


It is 23 hour 30 universal time, I’m Jim Chaeter in Washington. Israeli security forces are stopping thousands of Jews settlers and their supporters from matching into the Gaza strip, the settlers are trying to protest Israel planned withdrew from the terror story. Thousands of Israeli soldiers and police were deployed before the plan protest and match.続きを読む
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