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This is the BBC in Vancouver. This is the BBC in *. This is the BBC in Singapore. This is the BBC in *. This is the BBC in NewYork. Wherever you are, however you listen, this is the BBC.

BBC world service. This is *** with news hour.

More than a hundred killed in mysterious plane crash in Greece. Those pilots unconscious now function or crime. Exceeders from Gaza have mixed motions of Israeli soldiers making sure the settlers leave. I think its just defending democracy, which is real on the lying. If the democracy is winning be defend the Israeli, it's going to start, going out a hand and I have to a baby sword no matter what, even if I don't think or I do think that's its right.
And we will be enjoying by leading Israeli politician for much of the program to answer the concerns of both sides and you can put your views to him. Use our bbc.co.uk.
First today we have a full potion of the world news.

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BBC World Service 8月5日前半  音声付


今日はBBCのニュースを聞くことにしました。いつもアメリカ英語(しかもVOAのSPECIAL ENGLISH)を聞いているせいか、聞きなれるまではちょっと戸惑いました。が、やはりイギリス英語は上品ですね。特にニュースの中にブッシュ大統領のインタビューが出るときはその落差は大きく感じられます。

BBC Would Service. It’s midnight GMT. This is World Today.
Four weeks after the London bombings let more than 50 dead Al-Qaeda frightens further attacks. President Bush says there will be no change in the US policy. “We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq.” An Israeli soldier who shot dead for people is lynched by angry crowd. 60 years after the Hiroshima bombings Japan remembers its dead. And playing a guitar why is uniquely known from *** “they're guitaring is something that men do because they repack more own comfortable them some socially than women ”and women just to has run with their hair brash apparently. So you see that is on the World Today with Linda Dashing and Rich Towers.

From today's news: 男のヘアブラシはギター? 人気英語blogランキング


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